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CallaLyly Montevelli 

I glanced around the open meadow and shivered.

The cold would soon be my future after the arranged marriage I thought. I wiped away another tear.  "Hello?" the deep voice said from behind. With my heart pounding, I turned around. The young man was lean with a kind smile. His blonde hair framed deep blue eyes. "I mean you no harm," he said smiling. "I am Patrick." I reached out my hand. Hmm, not from nobility, more of a commoner.

Seems harmless enough. "I'm CallaLyly. I prefer Lyly."

Little did I know how much my life would change from that moment forward.

Tyler Charles

The last place I wanted to spend the start of my summer vacation, was Camp Wamptucket. The sign entering the grounds read: Where Dreams Are Made. "More like nightmares," I mumbled. I didn't want to make friends. Who was I kidding. I really didn't have any anyway. My physics books are my friends.

They tell it like it is. They don't lie.
When a counselor told us the Camp had to close due to pig flu making all the other counselors sick, I couldn't believe my lucky stars. Aunt Meg didn't look so good. She said, "With your parents away. I'll have no choice but to bring you with me to Florence, Italy. My job involves me removing secret toile wallpaper, Ty. They've been hidden for over two centuries." I couldn't believe my lucky stars.

Little did I know what was written in those stars for me.


I had just arrived in Siena, Italy, from England, with my horse Squire.

Being a bit of a rambunctious youth most of my life, mum, The Lady Katherine, thought it best I go follow my star. Do you believe mum pushed me out the castle gates, although, lovingly, I must say. I would return sooner than later or so I thought. No sooner had I arrived amongst the plentiful olive trees in Siena, I met Lyly. She looked to be crying. She invited me to her parents Gala. Thrilled was I. I had no other plans. An evening of food, dance and merriment, then I would be on my way. Waiting in the receiving line to greet Lyly and her parents, I noticed her true beauty and she was kind. I fancied her. Little did I know the dangers lurking my way.

Megan Brandt

So I had no life outside of work, so what! I'm all about the work.

That's why my employer, Tighe & Randall, one of the most prestigious wallcoverings and fabric houses in the world tasked me with returning with The Girl in the Toile Wallpaper.  If all went well I would be running a whole new toile division for them. I so deserved it. Nobody works harder than me. Only problem, I had to bring Ty with me to Florence. What else could go wrong. Little did I know I soon would find out! 

Giovanni de'Leon

"Assistant!" I squawked. "Who is the Montevelli's daughter holding hands with at the Gala I am paying for when she is to be betrothed in four nights to my son Agost!" Assistant answered, " You mean the intelligent and handsome blonde looking young man." "I can see that you fool," I said feeling my temples pulsing. "Go bring the Montevellis to me and find Agost." Little did I realize an Asian man was looking out for my interests.


I watched as dark shadows swirled across the room. Patrick held tightly to Lyly. I wanted to help them but I was frozen, hidden behind draperies. The evil man's robe glimmered with each wave of his arm. He threw sheets of paper onto the floor. His long golden fingernails glowed. The papers crawled toward the couple as if vines.  Then ghost-like objects floated into the room and onto the paper. I couldn't believe my eyes, medieval buildings, Tuscany countrysides, even sheep. Lyly screamed and the wind sucked her into the paper....she was gone. After he transformed Patrick, I ran for my life. Little did I know what the evil wizard had in store for me...

Roberto Cavelli

Call me Robert. I studied abroad in the States, loved everything, including all the slang in their culture. How thrilled was I when my modest Italian company, Cavelli Textiles & Wallcovering, was approached by a third party. I would buy half interest in one of the greatest discoveries of historical toiles in over two centuries. Little did I know I would be looked upon as the enemy and untrustworthy...  


I love to swirl my long gold nails in your presence. I've been doing this for centuries. 

They mesmerize you, entice you into my web. Little do you know what is actually 

happening as I arrange you to stand sideways then cut your profile as silhouette. 

My sharpest nail slashes through white paper in seconds producing your perfect profile. 

I then glue it to a black background with my spit. 

"How wonderful. What an amazing entertainer you are," they all say smiling and acting jovial at my incredible work. 

What can I say.  

I bow. 

Little do they realize what fall away pieces swirl into my copper pot remain in my, 

well, possession. Forever! 

But don't worry. It's just a piece of your soul should I require it for one reason or another.

Lyly and Patrick found that to be so true.    

Now, let me introduce you to my mother, The Sorceress. 

Immortal she resides in my copper pot.

It's a long story.....Centuries in the making....

The Sorceress

"Thank you for that charming introduction Joroku."

Why it took you almost a millennial to reverse that curse you placed on

The Emperor...

I understand, afterall, they did kill your parents and bring you to live with me after 

I was banished from The Emperor's Kingdom. 

You will always be my son, Joroku.


It was I who passed my magic to you at my death bed. I had no choice.


So sorry to make you immortal.


But, at least we will be together for Evermore....  

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